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Maryland Science, Technology, Engineering, and Health Policy Fellowship

Maryland Science, Technology, Engineering, and Health Policy Fellowship

Providing scientific, technical, and health knowledge to policymakers to benefit the citizens of Maryland


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Our Mission

The overall mission of the MSTEHP Fellowship is to enhance access of Maryland’s legislative and executive branch policymakers to scientific, technical and health expertise, ultimately benefiting Marylanders.

Our Goal

The program will enhance the knowledge available for state policymaking and create better leaders in academia, government, nonprofit organizations, industry, and federal laboratories across the state of Maryland.

Who Can Apply

Anyone with an advanced degree in science, social sciences, engineering, or health from an accredited U.S. university may apply to the program. Women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are encouraged to apply.

Why is the MSTEHP Policy Fellowship Program Needed?

Many of today’s public policy challenges are related to science and technology. Consider issues like cybersecurity, wastewater management, autonomous vehicles, and the opioid crisis. These issues are extremely complex and the amount of data and analysis available about them is growing at a tremendous rate.

In addition, it can be challenging to convince scientists, engineers, and health professionals at the graduate level to take on public service. State fellowship programs can help respond to these challenges, enhancing both the knowledge of policymakers and the scientific, technical, and health communities.

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